Important Notice

On November 30th, The Ultimate Beauty Spa will be transitioning into Mobile Spa Services. We will come to your home, place of business, church or public event. 

As of December 1st, we will be solely recognized as MOBILE WELLNESS 

and can be reached by calling 469-394-1789 or by email: leslie@mobilewellness.us


Is your Gift Certificate is getting ready to expire?

Relax your mind, body & soul and uplift your spirits.

Dear Spa Family:

Over the course of the last couple of months several gift certificates were purchased as gifts for friends & family and not redeemed.

I know many of you have hectic schedules and obligations that are a priority, but your certificate was purchased with this in mind. Please be encouraged to call and schedule your appointment before your certificate expires. 

Call 412-421-7100

or  469-394-1789 today!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go.......
Receive healing from the inside out!
New Season, New You
We Are Conducting A Series of Workshops on Transition, designed to:
  • Motivate & Empower You
  • Help you find your purpose in life
  • Help you face up to your weaknesses
  • Reveal your strengths
  • Encourage a positive outlook on life
Hosted by: Leslie Askerneese
Motivational Speaker, Life Style Coach , Spa Owner & Wellness Practitioner
For more detailed information
class schedule
Call 412-421-7100

Relax your mind, body & soul and uplift your spirits.
spa ladies 2
Frequency Packages only $300.

Frequency Facial

Frequency Swedish Massage

Frequency Body Wrap

4 Wellness treatments are given weekly within one month's time.

Spa Memberships

Silver Memberships

6 month $65. -

3 month $35.

Gold Membership

6 month $250. -

3 month $140.

Platinum VIP Membership

6 month $650. - 3 month $340.

All Spa Memberships include amenities and 10% off Tuesdays.

Gift Certificates

Give the "Ultimate" Gift of Health

Relax your mind, body & soul!


Relaxed Renewed Rejuvenated
Thought for Life:
What you put into your body is what you are going to get out of it.
(Most of the time)

Let me break that down a little further:
~The time you invest in taking care of your body
(or allowing someone else to take care of it).
~The money you invest in taking care of your body.
~The food you put into your body.
~The people you choose to have in your life takes it's toll on your body.
~The type of work you do plays apart on your mind and body.
~The activities you choose to participate in, or choose not to participate in.
~The amount of rest you receive.
~The substance abuse and over the counter medication definitely plays a part.
and the list goes on........
Relax your mind, body & soul and uplift your spirits.
412-421-7100 or 469-394-1789

Join our Member 
Platinum VIP
Become A Member Today!
Also :
invest in one of our Frequency Packages
*Body Wrap
Introducing the Ultimate Beauty Spa Wellness Membership packages!
A Wellness Membership will allow guest the courtesy of having fixed pricing 
along with multiple amenities. It will also serve as an opportunity for guests to feel a 
sense of family and belonging. Packages are as described below.
Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with our "SILVER PACKAGE" amenities:                             
Fixed Pricing 
Sparkling Water-Red or White Wine-Assortment of Herbal Teas
$7 Fruity Mocktails & Vegtini's
10% off Discount Tuesdays
Cost $99
Become more familiarized with our Spa Enhancements with  
"GOLD PACKAGE" amenities:
Enjoy the items above plus 
½ Price on Fruity Mocktails & Vegtini's
Qualify for 10% off Discount Tuesdays
Experience 12 Treats in 12 Months
Cost $399
The VIP PLATINUM PACKAGE offers the 'ultimate' in Spa amenities:
Free Admission for Spa Happy Hours
½ off Rental for Parties held at the Spa
Spa Services included in this package:
½ off the cost of Infra Red Sauna Treatments
3 Full Body Mud Masking Treatments
3 Full Body Polishing Treatments
3 Thai Massages
3 European Facials
Purchase our "Platinum VIP Package

Cost $999
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

Purchase your SPA MEMBERSHIP Today!

12 Treats for 12 Months

2013 is here! Get started with a one-year membership!

Call 412-421-7100 to get more information and set your appointment today!


Save with 10%Tuesday Discounts:

The first Tuesday of each month is Men's Tuesday

The second Tuesday of each month is for Senior Citizens (55 & up)Tuesday.

The third Tuesday of each month is for College Students (Photo School ID required.

The fourth Tuesday of each month is for Health & Wellness programs.

The Fifth Tuesday of each month has been reserved for Veterans of all Armed Services.

Join us at your home away from home. Call 469-394-1789 today to 

schedule your appointment. Be adventurous, try something new every month.

Note: This 10% discount may not be used in conjunction with any other spa promo.


Are you the type of person who likes or needs routine? Then you definitely should have a

SPA Membership. Receive Special Express Enhancements and set appointments that fit your schedule on a regular basis. $350 offers 12 Treatments (one per month) that you can upgrade if you like by paying the price difference. This is just one of those little things that can make your life a little easier and a lot less stressful!

 Visa and Master Card are accepted. Call soon. Appointments book quickly!

We look forward to seeing you.

Relax your mind, body and soul at your home away from home.