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Did you know drinking ginger will settle your upset
stomach and soothe your sore throat. Studies have also shown that ginger could be the answer to treating certain cancers and nausea from chemo therapy treatments.

Did you know berries are great brain foods and are effective in treating cancer?
Berries poses powerful antioxidants, with flavonoids and are known to be crucial in the prevention of cancer. So pop a berry in today as a healthy alternative when snacking.

Nutritional Health coaching is available.

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Spa Packages

Are you looking for a place to escape??

A place that you can kick your shoes off, unwind and snuggle up next to a warm fireplace while receiving the ultimate in relaxing pampering treatments. You encouraged to relax your mind, body and soul with the soothing, relaxing, mood setting music and aromatic scents permeating throughout the air. As you enjoy your experience, your encouraged to sip on a beverage of choice and nibble on occasional snacks.

This place would relax you so much it would be like a second home ( but without you having to clean up) You could invite your friends over for a party or have a quiet escape for you and your significant other. Perhaps you may want to bond with your siblings or coworkers. Imagine having a place you could go to that would cater to your needs. They would offer you limousine service or a photographer to take your experience to the next level. Their job would be to help ease the stress of your hectic daily or weekly routine schedule.

What if I told you this was the PLACE!!

If you are having difficulty in deciding what enhancement package would suit you, we would be happy to assist you. We can also customize a package just for YOU! !

For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express!

. . . . and we can be available for you 'by appointment only' on Sunday or Monday along with our regular hours, Tuesday through Saturday 10am-7pm

A 20% deposit is required to schedule an appointment for all Body Treatments, Couple Massages, Spa Packages and Spa Parties. 24 hour notice must be given for all Cancellations otherwise your deposit will be forfeited. 
Also a 15 % gratuity will be added onto all Spa Packages and Spa Parties with groups of three and over. 
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Package #1 1 Hour Swedish Couples Massage~Salt & Paraffin Hand & Foot Treatment

Package #2 1 Hour Aromatherapy Couples Massage      

2 Full Body Polishing Treatments  ~  Hands & Feet Treatments

Package #3

1 Hour Swedish Couples Massage2 Rejuvenation Facials

2 Spa Manicures2 Express Pedicures

Come relax, escape and share the Ultimate experience with a friend, sister/ brother, coworker, husband/ wife or loved one. All packages may be upgraded or altered to suit you and your guest. 


Mommy To Be Package     (Prenatal Package)

1 Hour Pregnancy Massage ~ Spa Pedicure ~ Stone Therapy on Feet Treatment

This 2.5 hour package will help prepare Mommy to be for her new arrival. We can help you alleviate some of the stress mommy to be is experiencing with a Prenatal Massage. Aromatic sea salt is used to remove all dual dry skin on hands then warm paraffin wax is applied. After the Express Pedicure is given her feet is massaged with warm stones. This heavenly stone therapy treatment on the feet will help distress those tired achy feet. 

Re-Balancing Act   (Post Partum Package)

Full Body Polishing Treatment ~ 1 Hour Linen Body Wrap

.5 Hour Swedish Massage ~ 1 Hour European Facial

Enjoy 3 hrs with the focus on YOU! After having a baby all you want is rest and to get your body back, WE CAN HELP!  Your body will feel soft, smooth & silky after receiving an Aromatic Body Polishing Treatment. Your Rejuvenation Massage will help stimulate circulation & prep you for the warm detoxifying body wrap. Conclude this package with an European Facial. (Note: Most clients have been known to loose between 4 to 14 inches with this wrap) 

Mommy and Me Package

Rejuvenation Facial ~ Polish Change on the Hands and Feet

This 1.5 hour treatment for two. Make it a FAMILY AFFAIR!!

Escape Into Serenity

Full Body Mud Mask ~ Full Body Polisher  ~ 15 Minute Rejuvenation Massage

Escape into serenity with this 2 hour treatment.  Become snug as a bug after being wrapped in our firming, stimulating, purifying mud mask. Next imagine your skin feeling soft as a baby after receiving your full body aromatic polishing treat. This package would not be complete without a rejuvenating massage.


Chocolate Fix

1 Hour Chocolate Full Body Massage  ~  Chocolate Full Body Polisher

Tantalize the senses with this 1.5  hour Chocolate Body Treatment.Experience out Chocolate Body Polishing Treatment. Your skin will  feel soft, smooth, and silky  while you are receiving the Ultimate in pampering. We will continue to indulge you with chocolate by massaging you with a warm chocolate massage oil. Satisfy your craving for chocolate, without gaining an inch or an ounce! 

Luscious Lavender Packages

1 Hour Lavender Aromatherapy Massage ~  Lavender Body Polishing Treatment

Come Relax & Escape into eternal bliss after receiving this 1.5 hour treatment.  Soft, smooth, silky skin is what you’ll obtain after receiving an exhilarating organic, lavender scented body polishing treatment. The aromatic scent of lavender continue to permeates the air to induce you into the ultimate state of relaxation while receiving your massage.

Paraffin Pampering Package

Paraffin Facial ~ Bowl Therapy on the Feet  ~ Paraffin Hands and Feet Treatment

Feel soft and smooth as when you were a baby after receiving this 1.5 hour treatment.  After receiving a brief consultation to determine your skin type, your facial, hands and feet treatment will consist of an application of warm paraffin, leaving your skin velvety soft and smooth.

Ultimate Relaxation Package

1 Hour European Facial ~ 30 Minute Stone Therapy Massage ~ 1 Hour Aromatherapy Massage

This 2.5 hour treatment will leave you feeling all warm and cuddly inside. First, warm lava stones are massaged over the body using techniques to encourage relaxation. Afterwards a deep cleansing facial is given, leaving you in the ultimate state of relaxation.

Massage Envy

30 Minute Swedish Massage ~ 30 Minute Thai Massage  ~ 30 Minute Stone Therapy Massage

This stimulating 90 minute session will detoxify and rejuvenate your body white promoting improved circulation.

Extreme stretching is done with the Thai Massage, followed by a soothing, relaxing Swedish Massage combined with intervals of warm lava stones being applied to your Chakras ( energy zones)

Body By Nature

Full Body Polisher  ~  Linen Full Body Wrap  ~  European Facial

Lose between 4 to 14 inches with this 2 hour treatment. Dull dry skin will disappear instantly with our aromatic, exfoliating body polishing treatment. Next is the application of warm herbal linen wraps being applied mummy style. A deep cleansing facial completes your experience. If your goal is to loose inches, this is your package.

Herbal Essence

Thai Massage  ~  Herbal Ball Treatment

This 1.5 hour treatment first came about in Thailand to improve circulation and blood flow.  It helps relieve blockage and tension in your muscle and joints. Experience extreme stretching being done throughout your body, in combination with a warm Herbal Ball Treatment of herbs with anti inflammatory properties.  This is designed to promote healing & soothe your skin.

Beauty From the Sea

Seaweed Body Wrap  ~  4-Layer Seaweed Facial

This 1.5 hour treatment tightens, tones and detoxifies your body. It also hydrates your face and skin.  After being nestled in warm seaweed to promote inch loss and softer skin, your esthetician will hydrate your skin and stimulate blood flow by applying a 4-layer seaweed facial.

Rejuvenation Treatment

1 Hour European Facial  ~ 1 Hour Swedish Massage  ~  Salt Treatment on Hands

This 1 hr package is designed to de-stress & rejuvenate you. Pressed for time but still need a treat?? This is the ideal package for you.  Either jumpstart your week or end it with a 15 minute Rejuvenation Massage & an Exfoliation Salt Treatment on your hands.

Stone Crazy

1 Hour Stone Massage   ~  Bowl & Stone Therapy on Feet

This 2 hour session just might be enough to drive you stone crazy. The warmth of the Lava Stones promotes relaxation. Warm stones are placed on the Chakras (energy zones) to promote positive energy. Next a metallic bowl is used to give a relaxing foot massage. Warm stones are also used during this time. This treatment is heaven sent.

Massage Sampler

15 Minute Stone Therapy~15 Minute Bamboo Massage~15 Minute Swedish Massage~15 Minute Thai Massage

Which is your favorite? This package consists of 4 different massages preformed in a 1 hour period. This is also designed to relax, stimulate, detoxify and  de-stress your body.

Diva Makeover Packages

Spa Manicure *Spa Pedicure *European Facial

*Brow Waxing *Strip Lash Application *Full Body Polishing

Is there a DIVA in the house??  This 4.5 hour enhancement package will make you look & feel FAN-TAS-TIC!!!


. . . . . and there are SPA PARTIES, too!!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ A 20% deposit must be made to reserve all parties ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Princess Party

(12 & under)   $35 & up per person

Prices include:

Polish Change on Hands & Feet  ~~  Rejuvenation Facial

Juice & Birthday Cake and a free gift for guest.

(There must be 1 adult chaperone per every 3 girls present) 

Sweet Sixteen Party

Spa Manicure . Express Pedicure . Rejuvenation Massage

Optional: Birthday Cake & Balloons

Ladies Night Out, Bridal Parties, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties

Choose from our variety of Express Enhancements:

Crystal Mud Bath Treatment on Feet ~ Stone Therapy on Feet

Exfoliation Treatment on Feet ~ Paraffin on Hands & Feet

Salt Treatment on Hands & Feet ~ Polish Change on Hands & Feet

15 Minute Rejuvenation Massage ~ Rejuvenation Facial

Strip Lash Application ~ Make-Up Application

Brow Wax ~ Chin Wax ~ Upper Lip Wax

Optional: Appetizers, Desserts, Soft Drinks, Wine or Champagne


More Packages and Ideas for you to choose . . . .



Call us for packages and pricing
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*Limo service is optional
All Packages may be upgraded and customized to suit YOU!
Call today to book your appointment! Spa Packages, Spa Parties
& Spa Gift Certificates are all available.  We accept MasterCard & Visa.