Plan to
"Take Time for SELF"
Part I

(Even if just 15 minutes)

fitness trainer Fitness Training flawless skin

a. Participate in a wellness class @ The Ultimate Beauty Spa

b. Meditate

c. Take a power nap

d. Take an educational class

e. Read a book or browse through a magazine

f. Play catch up with a friend or family member

g. Work on a favorite craft

h. Go to the movies or stay in and watch a movie

I . Take a relaxing bath

j. Sip a cup of herbal tea, while listening to your favorite CD

k. Listen to one of your motivational CD's or DVD's

l. Play your instrument of choice

m. Work out at the gym

n. Go shopping *****

o. Go out dancing or put on your favorite song and dance at home

p. Have an intimate dinner for two, with your significant other

q. Go fishing, hiking, biking or swimming

r. Take a leisure walk or a power run outdoors


The magic word here is "PLAN".

You may have to alter your schedule to work these activities in, but if there's a will, there's a way. These are just a few examples. You're welcome to come up with your own. The ultimate goal is to have fun, live a little and bring a proper balance to mind & body . Oh and don't be afraid to step out of your daily regimen.


We care about your health as a whole.

Stop by your home away from home, our door is always open.

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